Voestalpine – 29.06. – 06.07.2019 Seaford

Sunny days in Seaford

Saturday 6th July
Departure day, and the group had some time in Windsor on their way to the airport. It was the same day as the christening of baby Alfie, so they got the chance to share the same space as the blue blooded and the famous! 🙂

„On our last day in England we were at Windsor Castle where we spent our morning before the bus took us to the airport. At the airport we still had a little time to look around before we flew back to Vienna. From Vienna we went by bus back to Leoben. It was a very exciting week for all of us.“ 

Friday 5th July
The group are in London today, as they spend a second day exploring the capital. Alfie will be guiding them, and they will enjoy the sights and sounds of Piccadilly, Leicester Square, Covent Garden as well as Oxford Street. It shouldn’t be quite as busy as it was on Sunday, so moving around by Tube should be easier.
We are sorry to say that the group have not had the chance to experience English Weather. 🙂
It hasn’t rained a drop all week, and continues to be sunny today. We know that this isn’t what is expected from our climate, but we are all very grateful for an amazing week of weather. It has helped everyone to have an ‚outdoor‘ time, with lots of walking, sports and exploration of some of the best that England has to offer. We hope everyone has had a good time, and we have really enjoyed hosting the apprentices.

„Friday our 7th day in England. We go up at 8 o’clock a.m. then we went by train to London Victoria Station. 
At first we walked to Trafalgar Square after this we walked to the Leicester Square for shopping or to look for cool things. Then we went by train to Oxford Street. In Oxford Street we had time for shopping and we could eat something. After this we went to the Hyde park to chill in the park. At 6 o’clock we went to the railway station and went by train back to Seaford. 
It was a nice day in London.“ 
Marcus K & Kenan

Thursday 4th July
The last day of school and we’re working on some creative business English lessons, and Dragon’s Den. Dean is setting them some riddles, and it’s a good way to end the week. Our final activity is the presentation of certificates to every student. Then we will be making the big award… for Student of the Week. This is given to one student in each class, and rewards the students that we think has made the most of their time with us.
After school ends, the group are heading to Beachy Head , where they will explore the cliffs and enjoy the wonderful view of the English Channel. From the top, they will take a gentle stroll down to the promenade at Eastbourne , and then have some time to explore the town.

„Thursday our 6th day in England. We got up at half past seven and went to the bus. This was our last school day, and we made a quiz. After that we went to Eastbourne, at the cliffs named Beachy Head. From there we had a great view of the landscape and the Seven Sisters. After that we had free time and could explore the city and the pier. 
It was a really nice day in Eastbourne.“ 

Wednesday 3rd July
Back to school this morning, after the excitement of Brighton, and the students are studying hard again. They will be itching to get outside, as it is so lovely and sunny again. And it won’t be too long before they are able to do that, as they travel across to the Salts in Seaford, for an afternoon of sports. We’l be playing the traditional English sport of cricket , which is similar to baseball, and involves hitting a ball with a bat and running to score points. Cricket is very complicated, but we will make it simple today, and everyone will take a turn giving it a try. If there is time left over, we will also play some football… or maybe voelkerball? 🙂
The excitement is ramped up this evening, because the group are going to the small stadium at Arlington, to watch Banger Racing . This is a thrill-a-minute spit-and-sawdust event, with cars racing around the track with little care, and often crashing into each other. The races are great, but the best is at the end, when they have Demolition Derby, which is a last man standing race where the car that keeps moving wins the race.

„Wednesday our 5th day in England. At first we went to school at 7.45am. We learned a lot about sports and made a crossword riddle. Afterwards we went home to Seaford and had some food. After that went to the sports field. We played football and learned how to play cricket. We got home, freshened up and went to the Banger Racing. It was great to watch the cars race. It was a very good day.“ 

Mathias Siegmund, Sebastian Swischaj, Stefan Buggler 

Tuesday 2nd July
More sun here, and we are enjoying the feel of summer as July gets going. The group enjoyed a walk to see the Seven Sisters yesterday, and today they will feedback to their teachers in class this morning. One lesson topic is food, which will be of interest to everyone we think, and there may be the chance for some ‚food tasting‘ where we elicit some great vocabulary, such as „delicious“, „disgusting“ and „blarghhhhh!“. 🙂
This afternoon is another big highlight, as it’s time to visit the wonderfully cool city of Brighton . There’s so much to enjoy in Brighton, but most people start with the Palace Pier, which is a world unto itself, and has roller coasters and fun arcades, as well as doughnuts and fish and chips! The students will then explore the city centre, with some hipster places to hang out, such as the North Lane. For those less bearded, Churchill Square is the place to be.
To round off the day, the students will be getting sporty as they head to the beach volleyball courts at Yellowave. The weather will be a suitable backdrop, with blue skies and temperatures of around 20 degrees. Real beach weather for a day at the seaside.

„On our second school day the bus picked as up at 7:45 a.m. In school we tasted chocolate and learn about homophones. After school we went to Brighton we had a sightseeing tour. After that we went to the Brighton pier and had great fun. At 6:00 p.m we played Beachvolleyball it was a great end of the day. „ 

Rieberer Jasmin, Frühauf Lisa, Valenta Ursula 

Monday 1st July
School time! We’re sure the students are looking forward to their lessons with Dean and Chloe. We started with a placement test so we could split the group into two small classes of 8 (nowhere to hide!). We expect lots of talking… in English … as well as some creativity and motivation.
We will reward our best students with the Student of the Week prize. Let’s see who gets that on Thursday. 🙂
After lunch, the group are heading to Seaford Head, from where they will get the best view of the magnificent Seven Sisters cliffs. These chalk beauties have starred in several films, (Harry Potter, Robin Hood) and are a natural wonder of Britain, drawing tourists from all over the world.

„Today was our first school day. In the morning we had a great breakfast, after that we got picked up by our school bus. When we arrived at school one of the teachers showed us the building, after a short tour we started with the school. When school was over we went to the Seven Sisters which are the cliffs of Seaford. Then we went to the beach and talking about the next days. At seven o’clock we went back home to our families and had dinner.“ 

Jell Marcus, Zötsch David 

Sunday 30th June 
A big day today, and the students met at Seaford Station at 08:30am, in time to catch the train up to Victoria Station in London . From here, they spent a day sightseeing, beginning with Buckingham Palace, then Downing Street and Big Ben. Then they had a boat trip to the Tower, from where they had the chance to take one of the best photos of Tower Bridge. Tube time next, and the group headed to Madame Tussaud’s, to mix with the celebrities and experience the 4D Marvel film.

„Today we went to London. We had a nice guide who showed us the city and explained us a lot of interesting things we didn’t know before. We had a boat trip on the River Thames. From the boat we could see the Tower Bridge and a lot of other big nice buildings. After that we had lunch and then we went to Madame Tussauds where we met a lot of famous people like Cristiano Ronaldo, Rocky and so on. It was a great experience and a unforgettable day.“ 

Julian Zenz, David Konrad 

Saturday 29th June 
The group must have thought they were arriving in a Mediterranean resort on Saturday. The weather was amazing and Seaford was a busy tourist resort, with the beach full of sunbathers and swimmers. After a prompt arrival, host families met their ’nervous‘ guests, and took them home for dinner. Then their was some time to explore the town before getting some rest ahead of the trip to London.

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