Summer Group UK 1 – 07.07. – 20.07.2019 Seaford

Spending an exciting two weeks in England

Saturday 20th July
Time to go home. We hope everyone had a great time with us in England. See you again soon! 🙂

Friday 19th July
School has finished, and we’ve presented certificates of achievement to all our students. They’ve worked well over the past two weeks, and should feel a lot more fluent with their English listening and speaking skills. We had a final goodbye award which went to Eli and Arturo, who made the most of their time here.

This afternoon, the group are doing the Seaford Discovery Tour where they get to explore the town and perform some tasks in a competitive way.* Then, as a final activity together, we are all heading to the pub for a group meal, to share some memories and to say a goodbye to Seaford. Tomorrow is departure day, and the last few hours travelling together.

*We won’t mention the football match. It kind of got a bit too competitive and we had to abandon it. 🙂

Thursday 18th July
Back to school again, the group are settling into their morning routine of English lessons. We have a very important afternoon, as we are playing our annual match against the Spanish students in what has become a ‚one a year loss‘ for us. We hope this will change this time, but we never enter the match full of confidence as the Spanish group always contains four or five really talented students. We hope, that with energy and teamwork, we can compete and at least give them a close match.

We’ll update you on their progress

Wednesday 17th July
Afterhmmm well…not much sleep shall we say… the group slowly awoke and had a bit of breakfast before setting off on a guided walk around the beach, cliffs and river area of the Cuckmere Valley. Most of us found interesting parts to it, and we learned a lot about the area. It was sunny and warm, so after a much-needed break we headed back to the centre for lunch.

No rest though, as the group had more sports, and the chance to go kayaking and SUPing on the River Cuckmere.

Check out the photos below…

Tuesday 16th July
We’re heading down to the forest and river for the next few days as we start out outdoor activities. Today we’re learning some Bushcraft, including fire-lighting, shelter-building and some knots before we prepare a camp meal. Then we are walking down to the camping barn, where we will play some games get our sleeping area ready, then await a night under the stars. The weather forecast is excellent, and there should be clear skies, so we will see lots of stars.

Tomorrow, we are exploring the cliffs, the beach and the river on a guided walk, before lunch and a bit of a break. Not for long though, as we take to the river next, with some kayaking and SUPing on the river. A busy couple of days, and tiring ones too, as students usually stay awake as long as possible during the camp, although it’s the guides who get the most tired. 🙂

Monday 15th July
The second week has started and the sleepy students are back in the classroom. They seem quite motivated, but maybe that’s because they haven’t fully woken up yet. 🙂

We’ve got a gentle afternoon planned for them, as we will be having a relaxing chill out afternoon in the park in Seaford. It’s a response to a really busy weekend, and the group needing time to sit together and talk, or play some games, and generally have fun. The weather isn’t the best it’s been, but it’s dry and around 18 degrees, so warm enough to be outside. Our guides will be on hand to keep the students busy, with some games and some deep conversation topics – in English – so the students don’t think they are escaping learning. 🙂

Sunday 14th July
A cloudy but dry day as the group are in Brighton for the day. They’re exploring the seafront and pier, before the excitement of Laserzone takes their attention. This is a burst of fun, and most groups beg for more. Out in the daylight again, they’ll be heading down to Yellowave, where they will have some beach volleyball coaching.

Saturday 13th July
A trip to London today, and the group did a lot of sightseeing, both on land and on the water. They walked around Westminster and the main sights first before taking a boat trip on the River Thames. From here, they enjoyed some good views of Tower Bridge and then headed back west for some retail therapy.

Friday 12th July
The first week of lesson finishes today, and the group will be looking forward to a break after their hard work in class. Sadly for them, there is no break, but lots of excitement for the weekend instead! We start after class today with a short bus ride across to the town of Lewes, which is one of the prettiest places in Sussex. First up, it’s a visit to the castle, from where the group can see the beauty of the surrounding countryside, as well as some lovely ancient buildings and the county jail where Mick Jagger was once held!
There will a walking tour of the town including the 15th century bookshop, the Priory ruins and Grange Gardens before the group have a little free time to explore the centre on their own. Around 5pm, they will meet back at the local cinema to watch the new Spiderman film, which has had excellent reviews. Then, back to Seaford for dinner and some sleep before the big weekend… 🙂

Thursday 11th July
A gentle day today, as English lessons continue. Chloe is looking at travel in her lessons, and the students seem to be warming up slowly. 🙂 After school, the group are heading to the cliffs at Beachy Head, where they will get the chance to enjoy some great views from 160m of the English Channel. This all depends on the weather, but it looks like the dry, sunny weather is here to stay. From the top, the group will walk down to the promenade in Eastbourne, then along to the pier. Eastbourne town centre is always popular with the students, and they’ll be checking it out for a couple of hours before heading home.

Wednesday 10th July
The group met up this morning to board the coach that would take them to Camber for today’s excursion. The first part of the day will be spent on the lake, as the students learn how to sail, windsurf and SUP. There is a little wind today, so it should be easy to manoeuvre, but not too windy to be out of control. No excuses for the young people not to learn, as long as they follow instructions. 🙂
After the active part of the day, the group will head to the glorious sand at Camber Beach, where they will be able to either chill out and feel the sand between their toes, or play some frisbee *. The sand dunes at Camber are beautiful, and the weather looks set fair for the day.
To round off the trip, the group will stop off in the town of Rye, where they will get to see the charms of this medieval town, which was once an important and strategic harbour. It has some lovely architecture and is a good stopping point on the journey back to Seaford.

*In high demand apparently 🙂

Tuesday 9th July
Another day with sunshine here, and the students will be itching to get outside. Some of their lessons today have been based around the topic of sport, as that’s the plan for the afternoon. We’re heading to The Salts in Seaford, where we will split into two groups and play some cricket and football . Cricket is our main focus, as it’s new to almost everyone and will need some careful explanations and some good listening. Most students pick it up quickly, and are very capable players. Some do struggle a bit, but cricket allows even those who aren’t so good to score points for their team and hopefully to help them win.
The football will be very important, as we have a match scheduled next week, and it’s a big one. We are due to play the Spanish group staying in Seaford in our annual head to head. So far, we’ve always come second, but this year we feel that it is our time to win. Today we will see how amazing our students are, and how skilled and physically capable they are. Well. maybe

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