HTL Wels – 27.02. – 06.03.2019 Carrigaline

Wednesday, 06.03.2019
All went smoothly at the check-in and security controls. The plane to Vienna took off at 7.15am. We hope the student had a good time in Ireland and that they enjoyed their stay with their host families. Best wishes from the H2 Team in Ireland… Lucy, Jacky, Peter, Brian, Michael, Gina and Lisa.  Looking forward to seeing you again!

Tuesday, 05.03.2019
Very early in the morning, at 7am, the students were dropped off to the bus stops in Carrigaline by their host families. It was time to say good bye to them. A little while later, the group was on the way up to the capital of Ireland – Dublin! They had a guided city tour first – with stops at Georgian houses and the Phoenix Park (one of the largest city parks in Europe’s, it even hosts a herd of fallow deer!). The students are now enjoying their final evening in Ireland. They will have an early start tomorrow morning with the airplane departing at 7.10am. 

Monday, 04.03.2019
The students enjoyed their last morning at the H2 School – with a ceremony at the end of the lessons: they were given their student reports and cerficates. Four students (one student of each group was also awarded with a prize (a card and some nice Irish chocolate) for the „Student of the week“. Well done – keep up the good work! Lucy, Jackie, Peter, Brian and Lisa then waved them good-bye. The group headed to Kinsale to meet up with Barry and Chris where they went on a „Historic Stroll“ around the town. Kinsale is known as a gourmet town with lots of nice (fish) restaurants, also cafes and galleries. It was lovely to pass along the narrow streets with their colourful houses. They then continued on to „The Old Head of Kinsale“ with its beautiful cliffs and wonderful views onto the Atlantic Sea and surrounding coastal areas. The final stop was the sandy beach in Garrettstown where some students were brave enough to jump into the water again! 🙂  

Sunday, 03.03.2019
It was a very rainy morning and most of the students enjoyed sleeping in and trying an Irish breakfast (with black pudding, sausages, fried eggs, tomatoes, beans and toast). Around midday they were picked up by our bus drivers and were brought out to Blarney Castle – an old fort, over 600 years old and known for its famous „Blarney Stone“. Whoever dares to kiss the stone will be given the „gift of the gab“ (the ability to speak eloquently). After a short walk around the Castle Ground, the group made their way back to the bus as it was too cold and rainy/snowy to stay much longer. As the day was not over yet they decided to take a quick dip into the Atlantic Sea by stopping at Fountainstown beach before they all went home for a delicious dinner with their host families.  

Saturday, 02.03.2019
Unfortunately the rainy weather has not stopped yet. It has been grey, foggy and rainy all morning. Some students are currently singing some typical Irish songs such as „Whiskey in the Jar“ and „Molly Malone“ accompanied by Peter on the Ukulele. It is a great way to learn more about the Irish culture and life through lyrics and discussing their meaning. Later on the students will have the afternoon for themselves. Some will stay in Carrigaline and others will take the public bus to Cork City, to go shopping and to buy some souvenirs. Hopefully the weather will improve a little bit. 

Friday, 01.03.2019
The students were really looking forward to  attend the Gaelic Sports afternoon after the English lessons. Unfortunately the weather forecast was very bad – with lots of rain all day long (weather updates via the Irish Met Office, click here). The alternative plan was to go to the cinema in Douglas. They firstly had some food at McDonalds and KFC and then met at the movie theatre. Thankfully there was a good variety of movies to choose from such as „Fighting with my Family“, „How to Train your Dragon“, „Hole in the Ground“ (an Irish production) and  „The Lego Movie“. The students enjoyed the films and it was definitely a better way to spend the afternoon than getting soaking wet out in the rain at the pitch!  

Thursday 28.02.2019
It is the first day at the H2 School in Minane Bridge. The students met their English teachers – Lucy, Jackie, Peter and Brian and after a short welcome and introduction speech by Lisa from the H2 Team, the English lessons started. Firstly the students introduced themselves and few warm-up games made it easier to communicate in English. The last lesson is nearly over and the students will be picked up again for their afternoon activity in Cork City. They will have a guided City tour first, with stops at St. Finbarr’s Cathedral and the Cork University Campus. They will also walk through the famous English Market that is known for its fresh vegetables, meats, cheeses and fish. Later on the Students will have some free time to explore Cork City by themselves. 

Wednesday, 27.02.2019
55 students and their teachers arrived to Dublin Airport at 2pm. They were welcomed by our bus drivers Michael and Paul who showed them the way to the bus parking area. Once their luggage was stored away they made their way down to Carrigaline. At around 6.45pm they arrived and were warmly greeted by our host families and Gina and Lisa from the H2 Team. Once everyone was introduced to their Irish „families“ for the coming days, they went home to get some dinner and to get to know the other family members. 

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