HTL Wels – 09.03. – 16.03.2019 Seaford

Enjoying a week on the south coast of England

Friday 15.03.2019
It’s our final day of school today, and the chance to relax a little in class and maybe do some fun vocabulary activities. At the end of the morning, we will all get together and present certificates to every student, as well as announce the winner of our Student of the Week prizes. This goes to the student we feel has gained most from their time with us, and who has improved their English and increased their confidence the most. Who will it be?
After lunch, the group are heading east to the town of Eastbourne. This seaside town is known as the Empress of Watering Holes, and it has kept its traditional green seafront which welcomes thousands of visitors every year. The town centre has recently been refurbished, and the students should find enough to do to keep them busy.

Thursday 14.03.2019
Well, we couldn’t quite keep to the plan today, as the wind and rain in the morning meant we had to reschedule the afternoon. School went well though, and the students seemed to be busy doing lots of talking in class. The afternoon plan was a trip to Lewes instead of sports, and the group that went seemed to enjoy exploring this lovely historic market town. The weather improved too, and was really sunny (although still windy)

Wednesday 13.03.2019
A break from school today, and the students are spending the day in London. They are travelling by train from Seaford, and will take a walking sightseeing stroll around the centre of the city starting with Buckingham Palace and Horseguards Parade. They will then head to Whitehall and Parliament Square where they will see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. A boat trip along the River Thames follows, as they head down-river to the Tower of London and a great photo stop near Tower Bridge.
The afternoon programme is open, but will either be based in the centre (Picadilly, Leicester Square and Oxford Street) or they will head further west to South Kensington and the museums.
It’s a much better day than yesterday, and the rain has passed, leaving a good amount of sunshine to accompany the group as they explore the capital.

Tuesday 12.03.2019
The wind continues to whistle along the south coast, and we are ‚batoning down the hatches‘ and waiting for calmer days. The plan was for us to play some sports, but the weather has defeated us and we have an alternative arrangement. We’re swapping today with Thursday and the group are heading back to Brighton this afternoon. If the weather drives them indoors, they will head to the cinema or LaserZone.
If not, the sea will look very dramatic with big waves. It’s a city with a real ‚buzz‘ and although it might be diluted by the wind, it’s still an excellent place to hang out and people-watch.

Monday 11.3.2019 
The first day of school today, and the group will start of with a placement test before being split into three classes for lessons with Dean, Nathalie and Tracy. We hope to have some motivated students, ready to work hard on their spoken English as well as being creative in class.
After lunch, we are heading on a Seaford Head Walk to see the Seven Sisters Cliffs. This will take the students up to the top of the cliffs, where they will get to experience the majestic sight of one of Britain’s most famous natural landmarks.
If you’d like to check out the weather here, the best place is the met office, which you can see here.

Sunday 10.03.2019 
A day by the seaside today, as the group headed west to the city of Brighton. They had a guided tour with Julian, who explained a lot of the history of Brighton, and showed all the major sights. Then it was time to explore the pier, the seafront and the city centre, all of which are full of the sights and sounds that make this the coolest city in Britain! 🙂

Saturday 09.03.2019 
The group from HTL Wels had a smooth flight, and – as luck would have it – the really strong winds that we have been having stopped for a break as they arrived in Seaford. Host families were there to greet their guests, and everyone headed off home for some much-needed dinner and an introduction to life in their new ‚home‘. We hope everyone has a good time with us and enjoys exploring this part of the UK.

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