HLW Leoben – 22.06. – 29.06.2019 Seaford

Spending an activity-packed week in Seaford

Friday 28.06.2019
The students seem very sleepy today, which isn’t a surprise as they arrived home after 1am. It was worth it though, as they really enjoyed The Lion King. They also got to see Camden Market and had more time in London, which always goes down well. 🙂
So, on to today and school comes to an end this morning, with the group saying their farewells to Dean and Adam, who have been educating them this week. They’ve tried to work on improving fluency, and thus improving confidence, which I think they’ve achieved. As ever, we will finish the morning with presentations, of certificates to everyone, and the Student of the Week prize to the student in each class that we feel has made most progress this week.
After lunch, we’re outdoors, playing some cricket and football, in the sun, before heading to the pub for a meal. The backdrop will be blue skies and sunshine, as it’s a lovely 24 degrees today, and a cooling breeze. No siesta today, and we hope the students will have some energy left for running around before they get to sit down and reflect on the busy week they’ve had. 🙂

Thursday 27.06.2019
Has anybody seen a missing week? 🙂 The days seem to have flown past and we are already on Thursday. More lessons this morning, with a focus on the topic of food, before the group breathe a sigh of relief and take a lunch break. This will only last a few minutes, before they board the coach which will take them back up to London. The plan is either The Hard Rock Cafe or Camden Market and some time to explore these places before the students make their way to the Lyceum Theatre to see
***** The Lion King! *****

This west-end show has been running for many years, and is consistently sold out. It has captured the magic of the Disney film, and with some wonderfully creative costumes, and very dramatic music, it creates a show that millions of people – including our students – absolutely love.

Wednesday 26.06.2019
The clouds have lifted and it’s another sunny day here in England. The group have had a morning of studying hard and exercising their brains with Adam’s role-play. This afternoon they will be exercising their legs, as they take a gentle walk down from the cliffs at Beachy Head , to the town of Eastbourne.
Beachy Head is a very special place, with 160m high chalk cliffs that give a spectacular panorama of the Channel, and the seabirds, shipping and the iconic lighthouse. From the top, the group will walk down along the green paths to the promenade. It’s a lovely stroll along here towards the pier, and the students will have the motivation of ice cream thoughts – or maybe fish and chip thoughts – to keep them going. 🙂

Tuesday 25.06.2019
We had another big thunderstorm last night, and some heavy rain, but that has cleared the skies a bit and a mix of sun and cloud greets us. The students seem quite sleepy, perhaps because of the humid atmosphere, but they will be waking slowly in their lessons before they catching the train to Brighton , where they will spend the afternoon.
Known as London-on-sea, Brighton is a fascinating place, a very vibrant mix of old and new, and widely seen as the coolest city in Britain. The pier and beach are always popular with students, but they have to compete with the North Laine for the students‘ attention, as well as the ultimate in shopping malls

Monday 24.06.2019 
After London yesterday, it’s time for the students to get a bit more serious as we welcome them to the Hillcrest Centre this Monday morning. We start with a welcome talk and a placement test, before the group are split into two classes, for their lessons from Adam and Dean. We are expecting energy and motivation from the students, and they will be rewarded with creative and entertaining lessons that focus on their fluency.
It’s warm and sunny outside, and very humid, which might mean a thunderstorm later, but let’s see. To follow the weather this week, we recommend the Met Office website here.
When lessons finish, the group are heading to Eastbourne , where they will have some hours to explore this seaside town, which has a lovely promenade as well as a busy town centre, and refurbished shopping mall, which we guess might interest some of the students. 🙂

Sunday 23.06.2019
Another summer ’s day in terms of weather, and the group caught the train up to London, where they spent the day exploring the capital. As well as the sightseeing, with Buckingham Palace and Big Ben on the menu, the group also visited Madame Tussaud’s, where they rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, and a variety of characters from history.

Saturday 22.06.2019 
We welcome our regular visitors from HLW Leoben today, as 25 students and three staff members arrived in Seaford. They arrived at the Martello Tower in Seaford at 5.20pm after a very smooth journey from Leoben. The weather was excellent, with temperatures of 23 degrees and bright sunshine. The students were welcomed by the H2 Team who introduced the students to their host families. They then headed back to see their new homes and to have some dinner. We hope everyone has a lovely time here with us, and we will do our best to make sure everyone is happy.

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