H2 Project days 26.06. – 29.06.2019 (Portoroz)

Saturday, 29.06.2019
After an extensive breakfast in the hostel, we packed our suitcases together, went to the beach for a few minutes and held our feet in the cold sea.At 9 o’clock the journey returned home and 3 wonderful days in Portoroz come to an end.Amazing how fast this time has passed. We will come again! 🙂

Friday, 28.06.2019
The weather forecast says that the sun may not be visible today, but we are optimistic!Today the program is „Water-Sport-Mix on the beach“. We can choose between „kayak“, „stand up paddle“, „sailing“ or „volleyball“.After 2 hours a little bit of sun came out. The atmosphere was really wonderful. Sun, beach and sea – what could be nicer?Around 18 o’clock we went back to the hostel „Panorama“ and had a delicious last dinner.We discussed the 3 great days here in Portoroz and enjoyed together with a cosy campfire on the beach.

Thursday, 27.06.2019
Blue sky and a beautiful day in front of us as we leave for our hiking day. It was really 8 o’clock on the dot when we started.We saw the beautiful area of Portoroz.At 11 o’clock we had a short break for food and drink. We could enjoy the sun rays again.At 14 o’clock we were back at the hostel and after a short „freshening up“ we went to the sea and we could spend our afternoon freely. We took beautiful photos, were swimming and let the afternoon or evening end nicely.

Wednesday, 26.06.2019
We were greeted by the sun when we arrived in Portoroz at about 13.30. The sea looked very inviting and the atmosphere was wonderful. At 15 o’clock we started with the mountain bike tour, which was very exhausting but nevertheless super funny. After 3 hours of biking we went back to our hostel „Panorama“. There we had a tasty dinner and afterwards we agreed on a comfortable walk, because the next day at 8 o’clock we should start with a 6 hour hike.

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