H2 Beachcamp 30.05.2018 – 03.06.2018 (Rimini)

Sunday, 03.06.2018
After a wonderful breakfast we trained for another 3 hours in the bright sun and got ready for our journey home.A fantastic beach camp comes to an end again. We will definitely come again. THANK YOU

Saturday, 02.06.2018
It was the penultimate day. The weather was unfortunately not so great, but pleasant for playing. After the morning training there was a longer lunch break. We had a lot of fun and practiced our techniques.The last evening we enjoyed together on the terrace and on the beach and talked about the past great days in Rimini.

Friday, 01.06.2018
Lots of sunbeams woke us up again and after a good breakfast we went to the volleyball court again.Very intensive hours of training passed at a pleasant 25 degrees.We had a lot of fun and our great coach Davor Cebron showed us new techniques. We spent the evening in the city again.

Thursday, 31.05.2018
Already at 7.30 AM we had breakfast and at 9 o’clock we started with the extensive training. After a lunch break we continued with volleyball until 17 o’clock. Everyone was highly motivated and had great fun.After „freshening up“ we had a delicious dinner again and decided to go to town together.We drank good cocktails and walked along the beach. 

Wednesday, 30.05.2018
After a nice journey, the beach and sunbeams awaited us. Everyone was in a good mood and motivated.At 15 o’clock we had a delicious „Welcome Drink“. Some were already playing a little volleyball, others were swimming in the sea. At 18 o’clock we had a great dinner and afterwards we all sat together on the outside terrace.

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