GRG 7 – Kandlgasse 16.03. – 23.03.2019 Seaford

Spending a week in England

Friday 22.03.2019
One of the highlights of the week today, as it’s time for the trip to London. It’s a sightseeing trip, and the group will see Buckingham Palace, Westminster and Downing Street, before they take a boat trip along the River Thames to The Tower of London and Tower Bridge. They are then heading to Trafalgar Square before a look around Covent Garden. If there’s time, the students will have a some time in the British Museum before heading back to Seaford. The weather is forecast to be sunny, so the perfect day to see London in all it’s glory. 🙂

Thursday 21.03.2019
The group had a lot of fun this morning, as they finished off their English lessons with a few vocabulary games. We then collected together in Room 5 for the presentation of certificates and the award of Student of the Week for each class. These were given to the students that we all felt had gained the most from their lessons. After that, it was time for the students to say a farewell to their teachers.
This afternoon, the group are in Brighton again. They wanted to revisit the city and spend more time at the beach/pier. It’s a bit warmer this time, so hopefully they can relax a little as they recover from sports afternoon and before they head to London tomorrow.

Wednesday 20.03.2019
It’s the middle of the week, and school continues here on the south coast of England. Lesson topics today include Internet Safety, Following Instructions and Nathalie’s ‚Spaghetti Challenge‘. All lessons are aimed at increasing the confidence of our students, and we hope they are rising to the task.
After exercising the brains of our students, the afternoon will see us exercising their bodies as they head out onto the sports field. We will split the group into two and teach them how to play the traditional English sport of Cricket. It is said to have started by farmers on their break, as they hit a ball with a stick to defend a gate. Cricket has evolved into a worldwide sport watched and played by millions of people. It can be a little complicated to understand, but our group are bright, so they shouldn’t have any problems picking up the rules. Let’s see
It’s not exactly summer Cricket weather, but it’s not too bad, as you can see here.

Tuesday 19.03.2019
A much brighter day today with the sun and some blue sky above. The wind has also dropped, which makes it feel a bit warmer than it has. The students are in school this morning, working on their English fluency, and sharing their experiences of staying in England.
After lunch, the group are taking the minibus across to Beachy Head. It’s a lovely route, through the Cuckmere Valley, and East Dean, then up to the cliffs. After a little time enjoying the view from the top, the group will walk down the hill to the promenade in Eastbourne. This takes them along next to the sea, as they make their way towards the pier. They will then have some time in the town centre, possibly checking out the new ‚Beacon Centre‘.

Monday 18.3.2019 
School starts for the group today, and we begin with a lovely placement test to help us assess the level of the students. 🙂 They will then be split into three small classes, with Dean, Nathalie and Melanie being their teachers this week. We expect a lot from our students, especially lots of energy and creativity as this will help them improve their fluency in English.
The afternoon programme sees us based in Seaford for the afternoon. The students will do the Seaford Discovery Tour, which involves them answering questions and navigating the town, as well as trying to gain bonus points by asking local people to do strange things. 🙂
If you’d like to check out the weather here, the best place is the met office, which you can see here.

Sunday 17.03.2019 
The first full day in England and the group caught the train to Brighton, where they spent most of the day at the seaside. They had a great guide – Karen – who explained some of the history of Brighton, and showed all the major sights. There was time to explore the pier, the seafront and the Lanes, which are a real highlight for students. Brighton is a cool place to hang out and is full of quirky sights and sounds.
To keep the group warm, and keep them moving, Karen did a stop in Lewes, to show the group this pretty, historic town.

Saturday 16.03.2019 
We welcome the group from BRG 7 this week. They arrived in Seaford a little later than planned on Saturday evening, after a good journey from Vienna. They were met by quite a lot of wind and rain, but they got a warm welcome. Host families were introduced to their students and it was time to start life in England! We hope everyone has a good time with us and enjoys exploring this part of the UK.

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