GRG 21 – 22.09. – 29.09.2018 – Seaford

Friday 28.09.2018
A bit cloudier today, and a bit cooler, but that’s not a big problem as the group are in London for the day. It’s set to be dry, which is good for the walking sightseeing tour that the students will undertake. They will of course, see all the major sights, starting with a look to see if the queen is at home at Buckingham Palace. Then Big Ben, Parliament, The River Thames and Tower Bridge are all on the menu as Frau Prof Lehr-Haas leads the way on a day to remember. Then tomorrow, it’s departure day and the group will be leaving Seaford in the morning for the trip to Heathrow Airport and then back home to Vienna. It’ll be sad to say goodbye, but everyone has lots of happy memories of the week, and we hope to see them again in the future.

Thursday 27.09.2018
It’s a horrible rainy cold daysomewhere. but not here in Seaford. ? It’s again sunny and lovely and we are all really enjoying it. The students are in class, having their final morning of lessons with Dean and Ollie, who are finishing up with a fun quiz. They’ll then say a sad goodbye to the students, as they have been an absolute dream to teach. Well-behaved but also funny and they have participated in everything. But before school ends, we’ll be presenting certificates to everyone, and then announcing the winners of Student of the Week. Today’s afternoon programme is a trip to Lewes, the historic capital of Sussex, where they will visit Anne of Cleves House. This was a gift to Anne from Henry VIII and it’s now a museum giving a great picture of life in Tudor times. After the history lesson, there’s time to explore the city, and maybe have a relaxing afternoon before the day in London tomorrow.

Wednesday 26.09.2018
Whatever the students are doing to get good weather, it’s working. Maybe they are eating all their dinner, or maybe it’s just ‘angels travelling’ but we have another gorgeous day here. Visibility is as good as it can be, and you can see for miles. In fact, when the group go to Beachy Head this afternoon, they will almost be able to see France. ? The chalk cliffs are 16om high and are an iconic natural wonder which attract lots of visitors. On a day like today, it will be a serenely beautiful spot. From the top, we will see Seaford, Eastbourne, Hasting and Brighton, as well as the blue ocean below and the Beachy Head Lighthouse painted in the colours of the Austrian flag. The plan is to walk down to the town of Eastbourne, which nestles in the lee of the South Downs hills. It is a pretty seaside town, and the students will be walking along the promenade to the pier before exploring the town centre.

Tuesday 25.09.2018
Cricket went very well, and we had two competitive teams fighting it out for victory. It seems like handball players take their sport VERY seriously. ?
Today we have blue skies above us, and the sun is beaming down. The students are in class and are studying hard. Some of the lesson today will focus on an introduction to today’s destination – the city of Brighton. It’s one of the coolest places to visit and probably the liveliest city in Britain. As a seaside city, it offers loads to see and do. The pier is huge, and has big funfair on the end, as well as lots of fish and chips, ice cream and seagulls.
The most famous building in Brighton is the Royal Pavilion, which was built by Prince George. He needed a party-house, and so turned an old farmhouse into a copy of the Taj Mahal. A lot of Brighton has classic Regency architecture from the same period.
In terms of entertainment, there is a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and shops, with the coolest place to hang out being the North Laines. This feels like Camden Market in London, with a lot of independent shops selling some weird and wonderful things. Churchill Square is also there for those who like to check out H&M in every country they visit. ?
The group are taking the train to Brighton, which is about 30 minutes from school. They will pass the Amex Stadium, home to Brighton & Hove Albion FC, as well as the two big universities.

Monday 24.09.2018
What a change. It’s sunny and lovely outside, although a bit of an autumn chill in the air. The students will be starting their English lessons today, and will be split into two small classes for lessons with Dean and Ollie. What we’d like form them, is lots of energy and enthusiasm. This will help them to practice their spoken English and thus improve their confidence in communication. After school, we’re heading to Seaford, where we will be learning how to play cricket, which is a very traditional English sport. It’s quite complicated and slow, but we’ll be playing a faster version to keep the students warm. As well as the sports, the students will be exploring the town and probably stopping off in the local pub. Quite a day! ? The weather looks pretty impressive until the weekend. If you’d like to follow it, the best place to look is here.

Sunday 23.09.2018
Hmmm, really heavy rain as the group left Seaford on their way to Arundel. Here, they had a look around the castle, and this beautiful historic town, before they headed to Chichester, famous for its ancient port and majestic cathedral. Things improved weatherwise, and the group had a sunny afternoon to rewards their patience. The Castle is home to the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk. You can take a look at their ‘house’ here: https:

Saturday 22.09.2018
Not the best weather to arrive in Seaford, but the group braved the heavy rain and emerged from the coach to meet their host families at around 3.30pm on Saturday. After a nervous introduction, the families took the students home to see where they would be staying for the next few days. And the weather will improve, we promise! ?

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