Ella Lingens – 29.09. – 06.10.2018 – Seaford

Thursday 04.10.2018
The week continues, and the students should be getting used to life in England now. They are in class this morning, and will be designing a sales brochure in Ollie’s lesson and looking at some sporting vocabulary in Dean’s. They will need the latter in the afternoon, as we are heading outside – where it will be sunnier than this morning we hope – and we’ll be learning how to play cricket. It’s a sport that began hundreds of years ago, and, after being only found in England, the English then began to spread cricket around the empire. It’s now the national sport of India (1 billion people) and it is huge in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Therefore, it’s a lot more popular than most sports. ? Despite being complicated, the students will understand our simplified rules, as long as they listen. For those that can’t cope, we’ll also be playing some football too.The misty start is improving, and there is some sun forecast for later.

Wednesday 03.10.2018
Brighton seemed popular with the students. In fact, they must have mentioned how good it was, as the city is getting a visit from Prince Harry and Meghan today. ?
Meanwhile, our students will be outside this afternoon as they explore the beautiful countryside of Seaford Head. The cliff here takes you up to a level from where you get an excellent view of Newhaven, Brighton and Seaford itself. But the main attraction is the Seven Sisters Cliffs, which can be seen as you walk down to the east. It’s an iconic view and one that every visitor to this area should see. The cliffs and the Cuckmere River have been used in a lot of films, music videos and tv advertisement. Perhaps most famously in Robin Hood but also in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Atonement (with Kiera Knightley) and music videos by Ellie Goulding (see below). The weather is better than yesterday, and the sun is mixed with a little cloud. It’s warm enough though, at around 17 degrees.

Tuesday 02.10.2018
We are starting the day with some clouds overhead, but it won’t affect the students learning ability. They’ll be sitting in a warm classroom learning about the wonders of Brighton, where they will be heading today. After school, we’ll walk down to the railway station here in Newhaven, for the 25 minute trip to the main station in the city. Brighton attracts millions of visitors every year, and has lots of appealing features. For a start it has a large pier with a funfair on the end, a lovely beach and seafront. You can also visit Brighton Pavilion, the royal palace, which was built for Prince George, who became King George IV. Then there is the North Laines, which is an area full of cool shops and interesting cafes.We would like the weather to improve, so we will do our best to talk to the clouds and make them disappear. ?

Monday 01.10.2018
Another sunny day as the students arrive at school for the first of their English lessons. Ollie and Dean are doing the educating this week, and we hope for good things in class. The students will be in two small classes, and, with nowhere to hide, we expect lots of speaking and participation from everybody.? After lessons, we’re heading across to Seaford, and we will be setting the students a challenge. They have to explore the town and complete the Seaford Discovery Tour, which involves a lot of questions as well as some fun tasks where students need to talk to the local people. If you’d like to keep an eye on the weather here, the best place to check is here: (https:)

Sunday 30.09.2018
A big highlight of the week, as the group headed up to London for a day of sightseeing. Buckingham Palace and Westminster were on the itinerary, as well as seeing the Queen’s guards in the Mall and Horseguards Parade, Downing Street and the River Thames. From here, the group took a boat to the Tower, before heading back west, and Regent Street and Oxford Street.

Saturday 29.09.2018
A beautiful September day for the group as they arrived in sunny Seaford at Around 3pm. Host families were there to meet their new guests and take them home for an introduction to life in England.

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