Ella Lingens 12.10 – 19.10.2019

Friday 18.10.2019
The students have their energy back. Brighton must have been refreshing! They are now in their final lessons of the week, and having a few vocab games, quizzes and projects. To finish off, we present certificates and the prize for Student of the Week.
After lunch, the final activity is a bus ride to Beachy Head, a quick stop if it is dry, then a return to Seaford where the group will have a pub lunch in the Old Plough. Then one final activity, the Seaford Discovery Tour in which the students have to use their eyes, brains and persuasive powers to answer questions and get local people to do some unusual things, for which the students earn points.

Thursday 17.10.2019
Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy students today, but they have woken up in their English lessons as they are encouraged to talk. A long day in London seems to have taken their fuel tanks, but hopefully they will be revived today as they head back to Brighton for the second time. They will have some mixed weather again it seems, as our October continues to be wetter than usual. However, Brighton is a city for all seasons, and a bit of rain won’t stop our students enjoying their time.

Wednesday 16.10.2019
A break in lessons today, and we’re dedicating the whole day to a trip to London. The group will spend their Wednesday away from their school books and instead will be sightseeing in the capital. From Buckingham Palace, to Parliament, London Eye and Trafalgar Square, the students will get a good look at all the city has to offer. 

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Tuesday 15.10.2019
More rain this morning as the students arrived at school but it’s much better now and it looks good for this afternoon as we head to Seaford to play Cricket.  It’s a sport that goes back hundreds of years, from a time when farmers used to throw a ball to try to hit a wooden fence. Quite why farmers were doing this, and not concentrating on their fields, no-one knows. 🙂 Hitting the ball is the most fun part of Cricket, and that’s also the part with which students struggle the most. We’ll soon find out how good (or bad) they are!
After sports, the group will be taking the Seaford Discovery Tour, where they answer questions and navigate around Seaford, which helps them to learn some of the history of the town – and of England in general – as well as using their speaking skills as they ask local people to do answer questions and do some eccentric things. 🙂 
To keep an eye on the weather, use this link.

Monday 14.10.2019
The excitement begins today as the students meet Dean and Chloe and begin their English lessons. Small classes of ten and nine mean there is nowhere to hide for the students and they need to work on their English speaking skills as much as possible. We offer creative lessons and all we ask of the students is motivation, energy and enthusiasm which will help them gain as much as possible from the week.
After lunch, we were going to head to Seaford, but would like to stay in school and have an afternoon watching movie in English. Heavy rain is forecasting so we did not fancy being outside getting wet all afternoon. 

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Sunday 13.10.2019
Rain, wind and sun in Brighton . The better weather was at the time of the sightseeing walk, before the rain interrupted play. Luckily, the teachers had a good back-up plan, and everyone had a good experience of this lovely city.

Saturday 12.10.2019
A windy day again at Seaford, but the rain cleared just enough to allow a new arrival from Ella Lingens High School in Vienna. They were given a welcome by their host families. We wish you a nice stay here, and some better weather. 🙂

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