BAfEP Wiener Neustadt – 06.04. – 12.04.2019 Seaford

Spending a week learning English in England

Friday 12.04.2019
The final day in England for the group and we have said our goodbyes to them. Lessons finished with some enjoyable activities including Nathalie’s Marshmallow Tower task, Dean’s Special Quiz and Tracy’s Royal Family Drama. We then presented certificates to each student, and announced the Student of the Week prizes. To round off, the Seaford Quiz stars collected their prize. After lots of clapping and goodbyes, the students took their (extremely heavy) suitcases to the poor coach drivers to load onto the coach and we said our farewell.
We are sorry to see the group leave, as they have been exceptionally well behaved, polite, funny and very entertaining. They leave with our thanks and our best wishes. If we see them again, then we’ll be happy, and we wish everyone every success in the future.

Thursday 11.04.2019
As you can see from the photos below, the group had a great time in London yesterday. The weather was fantastic, and they got tired exploring all the sights as well as undergoing retail therapy, window shopping and just generally hanging out. 🙂
Today is a similar start, with an overnight frost giving way to blue sky and sunshine. We’ll need the warmth of the sun as we set off on our walk this afternoon. We will start with an ascent of Seaford Head, then walk along the top of the cliffs with the beautiful backdrop of the Seven Sisters. This stunning natural wonder is particularly iconic and has been used as film locations for Harry Potter, Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood and the BBC detective series Luther. We’re going to walk to the beach at Cuckmere Haven, where the students can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of this lovely place. You can read more about the area here.

Wednesday 10.04.2019
A big day today, and one of the highlights of the week, it’s London day! The sun is back with us, and although a bit chilly, it promises to be a dry and bright day as the group take the 90 minute journey from Seaford to Victoria Station in London. On arrival, they will walk around the corner to Buckingham Palace where they will use their flag knowledge to see if the Queen is at home. They will then walk down The Mall and through St James’s Park, home to the Queen’s menagerie. The squirrels are always popular with our students. After crossing Horse Guards Parade, there will be a quick stop to say hello to the guards on their horses, before passing Theresa May’s house (10, Downing Street) and along to Parliament Square.
Big Ben is being repaired at the moment, but the Houses of Parliament still look impressive, and the group will see it as they cross the River Thames. Along the south bank, they pass the London Eye and the entertaining street theatre guys, before heading back over the river and up to Trafalgar Square. From here, there are several options Tower Bridge, Covent Garden or Oxford Street. The museums are also a possibility, as is checking out the best that the shops have to offer. London offers so much to see and do, that it’s hard to fit it into one week, let alone one day.

Tuesday 09.04.2019
The Discovery Tour went well and all the students participated, with some coming up with some very creative answers. There were several good videos of local people dancing the Waltz with our students 🙂 It was warm and quite sunny on the beach, although a little misty.
Today is not so good, as we have rain in the air. This won’t affect this morning as the group are in lessons, and studying hard of course, but this afternoon’s planned walk from the cliffs will be changed into a trip directly to Eastbourne . It’s a lovely seaside town, historically called ‚The Empress of Watering Holes‘ and it has kept it’s traditional feel, particularly in the east of the town, where the promenade has kept a ‚green‘ feel. After exploring the seafront, the students will head to the town centre, which has a newly refurbished mall, as long as the excellent Towner Gallery, which has some good exhibitions.
Eastbourne has had some famous residents and regular visitors, including Charles Darwin, Lewis Carroll and Claude Debussy, who is said to have composed La Merwhilst staying at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne. More recently is has become a popular place for retired people, as well as a holiday destination for those who seek peace and quiet. 🙂

Monday 08.04.2019 
Monday morning and a cloudy start, as we wait for the mist to burn off so the sun can appear. sunny. The students are now in their English lessons having taken a placement test. We have the teaching team of Nathalie, Tracy and Dean this week, and they will be looking for energy, creativity and motivation from our students. Using this energy, we will help the group increase their confidence and fluency using English, both in the classroom, and outside.
When lessons finish, we’re heading to Seaford , where the afternoon programme will be The Seaford Discovery Tour. This involves students answering questions and navigating the town. The questions on the quiz are aimed at encouraging the students to stop and look around them, thus getting a better overview of Seaford as a town, as well as discovering lots of its history. Part two of the quiz is the Bonus Challenge Round, where students gain bonus points by asking local people to do some rather crazy things. These include taking interesting photos, making videos of local people giving directions and also teaching people an Austrian dance. If they capture this on film, they get extra points! 🙂
It’s around 11 degrees, but will feel warmer in the sun. To follow the weather, we recommend the Met Office here.

Sunday 07.04.2019 
A lovely spring morning, much better than the cloudy forecast, as the group caught the train across to Brighton . They started the day with a guided tour from Julian and his colleague, who introduced them to the history and the sights and sounds of this cool and funky seaside city.
After the tour, there was plenty of time to explore the Pier, and the seafront. Also, time for The Lanes, The Pavilion and the wide variety of shops and cafes of the city centre. Brighton is generally regarded as a hip place to hang out. You can take a virtual look at the city here.

Saturday 06.04.2019 
We welcome a new group from BAfEP Wiener Neustadt today, with 42 students and two teachers – Ms Resch and Ms Meitz. They arrived at the Martello Tower in Seaford at around 5.30pm after a very smooth journey from Vienna. The weather was good and, after some to-ing and fro-ing from coach to coach, the students were welcomed by the H2 Team before meeting their host families and collecting their luggage. They then headed back to see their new homes and to have some dinner. We hope everyone has a lovely time here with us, and we will do our best to make sure everyone is happy.

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