AHS Rahlgasse – 28.09. – 05.10.2019 Seaford

Friday 04.10.2019
So school has finished today and the students said their farewells to Dean and Chloe. We rounded off the week by presenting certificates to everyone and the Student of the Week prize to one student in each class. This rewarded their motivation and hard work in class this week. So, well done to Daniel and Adis. The final trip of the week is a return visit to Brighton for most of the group. They wanted to have more time in the city, and another chance to hang out on the pier or in the Lanes. They also wanted to meet up with the other students from the Rahlgasse school. Tomorrow is departure day, and we’ll be sad to say our goodbyes as the students have been very well behaved and we’ve enjoyed having them stay with us.

Thursday 03.10.2019
The walk went well yesterday and the group enjoyed the chilly windy conditions at the top of Beachy Head. 🙂
Today we are outside again and heading to the Leisure Centre in Seaford where we will be learning how to play the traditional English sport of Cricket. It’s a sport that goes back hundreds of years, from a time when farmers used to throw a ball to try to hit a wooden fence. Quite why farmers were doing this, and not concentrating on their fields, no-one knows. 🙂 Hitting the ball is the most fun part of Cricket, and that’s also the part with which students struggle the most. Some call Cricket complicated and boring, others say it is an intricately constructed game full of nuances and guile. We’ll let the students decide. Cricket is said to be similar to baseball – in a way that eating at a 5-star restaurant is similar to eating at a McDonald’s. One is deeply satisfying, whilst the other is simply ‚ok‘. 

Wednesday 02.10.2019
What a change in the weather. It’s an absolutely stunning day outside, with bright sunshine and only the fluffiest of clouds which look lovely against the blue skies. We’ve deserved it, and the students will appreciate the good weather as they are outside again this afternoon. We’re starting with a look around the top of the cliffs at Beachy Head, where they will get the chance to enjoy some great views from 160m above the English Channel. On a clear day like today, the English Channel looks azure, emerald and turquoise all at once. From the top, the group will walk down to the promenade in Eastbourne, then along to the pier. Eastbourne town centre is always popular with the students, and they’ll be checking it out for a couple of hours before heading home.

Tuesday 01.10.2019
More dampness above us, but more forecasts of sunshine as we start October and the lovely month of autumn. The beautiful colours are appearing as the leaves turn from lush green to orange, brown and red, and the students are studying hard in their lessons. After the creativity of the classroom, the students will be heading to Brighton this afternoon. About 30 minutes from Seaford, Brighton is a city by the sea. A city full of energy and life, as it has a reputation as the entertainment capital of Britain. It has earned this reputation through having some lively events, hosting hundreds of cafes, restaurants, theatres, galleries and places to keep busy. It also has the Royal Pavilion as a focal point, and the North and South Laines which have an Olde World charm of their own. The pier and seafront attract the sun worshippers and adrenaline fans.But Brighton is about the people. You can be whatever you like in Brighton. You can wear whatever you like and you can hang out with whoever you like. There’s an ‚anything goes‘ attitude that puts everyone at ease. For a busy afternoon by the seaside, there’s nowhere better.

Monday 30.09.2019 
A tired group of students have arrived in school and started their English lessons. Our teachers have explained our wishes for the week – that students do a lot of talking in English and are fully motivated to maximise their time here in England. We know the students have an excellent level of English and we’d like this to be reflected in their attitude. 🙂
After lessons, we are heading to Seaford for a gentle afternoon and the chance to recover from London. The group will do the Seaford Discovery Tour, where they answer questions and navigate around Seaford, which helps them to learn some of the history of the town – and of England in general – as well as practicing their speaking skills as they ask local people to do answer questions and do some weird and wonderful things. 🙂 
If you’d like to check out the weather here, the best place is the met office, which you can see here.

Sunday 29.09.2019 
Well, what can we say about the weather in Seaford today – erm, it’s windy. Very windy. And rainy. Very rainy. BUT the group are escaping to London, where it will much better. They are sightseeing and doing their own thing, as they pick the parts of London they most want to visit. Amongst these, Camden Market seems to be the favourite. 🙂

Saturday 28.09.2019 
A slightly delayed flight for the group but they arrived safe and well at Heathrow and had a clear journey down from London to Seaford. Host families were waiting and they took their guests home to look around the new ‚home‘ and to have some much needed dinner. We wish everyone a good week with us, and hope they make the most of this experience.

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