AHS Rahlgasse – 08.09. – 15.09.2018 – Seaford

Friday 14.09.2018
We’ve reached the end of the course, and the last lessons in school this morning. The highlight is the announcement of the Student of the Week prizes as well as certificate presentations too. This afternoon the group are heading back to Brighton, which they really enjoyed on Tuesday. The weather today is better than then and the city will hopefully look splendid in the sun.

Thursday 13.09.2018

A beautiful sunny day and perfect for a walk. The plan today was a trip to see the cliffs at Beachy Head, where you have views over the sea from 160m up. From here, you can see how lovely the surrounding countryside is, with fields of sheep. From the top, it’s a gentle walk down to the seafront in the town of Eastbourne, and then a flat stroll along the promenade to the pier and town centre.

Wednesday 12.09.2018
It’s a little bit rainy this morning, which gives us a reminder that autumn is just around the corner. It doesn’t affect school, and it makes being in the classroom a little more attractive when it’s wet outside. But this afternoon we were planning on having a sports afternoon, where we play cricket and football. At the moment we are looking at alternatives, and we may swap the programme around. But with the English weather, you never know. It might turn out sunny after all. Fingers crossed for that. ?

Tuesday 11.09.2018
Yesterday we changed the plan a little and had a great walk to see the Seven Sisters cliffs. They looked rather magnificent in the sun, but with the background of impressive clouds and an RAF Hercules aeroplane which cruised over the River Cuckmere.

Today is a different backdrop, with the group catching the train to Brighton, where they will start with a walk down to the Clock Tower, and a view of the Royal Pavilion, before heading down to see the seafront and the pier.

The weather doesn’t look very ‘seaside’ weather, but it’s dry at least, although rather windy. It shouldn’t spoil the buzz of Brighton, which is always a place to spend time having fun or if you’re too tired for that, to spend some hours people-watching.

Monday 10.09.2018
The start of school is under way and the group are already studying hard with Dean and Zena. We hope the students will bring lots of energy and thus – via creative lessons – enhance their confidence in spoken English. It will take a while to settle in, but we’re sure that this group have the language skills to make the most of their week in England.

The afternoon programme sees us head across to Seaford, where we will undertake the Discovery Tour which involves lots of walking, asking questions to local people.

Sunday 09.09.2018
A day of sightseeing in London today and it was the chance to explore lots of different places in the capital. Buckingham Palace and Westminster were first up, as well as Horseguards’ Parade, Downing Street and the River Thames. Then the students could choose where to visit next, as well as some time in Oxford Street for some retail therapy. ?

Saturday 08.09.2018
The group arrived in Seaford after a smooth journey from Vienna. Seaford looked sunny – and was a bit windy – but the sea looked very inviting. Host families took their new guests home where they were offered dinner and an introduction to life in England.

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