AHS Bruck – 27.04. – 04.05.2019 Seaford

Spending a spring week in Seaford

Friday 03.05.2019
School comes to a close today, and we say a sad farewell to our students who have fought through the tiredness to study really quite hard this week. 🙂 We will round off the week with the presentation of certificates and the prizes for Student of the Week. This is a well-earned reward for being the most enthusiastic student in class.
The plan for the afternoon is to take a walk to Seaford head to see the Seven Sisters cliffs. This natural wonder is one of our local landmarks and has become famous all over the world because of it’s beauty. The cliffs have starred in Harry Potter and Robin Hood films, as well as lots of music videos.

Thursday 02.05.2019
Another morning with sunshine, as we start our day here in England. Lessons continue and we hope the students are a bit less sleepy than they were yesterday. 🙂
The afternoon programme is a sporty one, as we will be teaching the group how to play cricket . It’s complicated, but we have simplified version that allows everyone to understand quite quickly and we’re sure that everyone will join in and be able to score some points for their team. We like the fact that everyone starts at zero, and we’re often surprised by who performs best.

Wednesday 01.05.2019
After the excitement of London yesterday, the group are back to school today and will be enjoying more English lessons this morning. We’re looking at some slang and some British English, so let’s see how native we can make our young students.
After lunch, the group will be heading across to Beachy Head , the 160m high chalk cliffs that dominate the landscape here. They provide a wonderful panoramic view of the sea, and the surrounding area. From the top, it’s almost possible to see Europe. 🙂 After exploring the top, the group will take a gentle walk down to the promenade in Eastbourne , before heading to the pier and the town centre.

Tuesday 30.04.2019
We had a very enjoyable time yesterday afternoon, as the students completed the Discovery Tour and then had some time to sit on the beach and chill out. The beautiful sunny weather helped everyone to feel that they were very much ‚by the seaside‘.
Today the weather is even better, and it’s forecast to be sunny all day. Temperatures will stay around 11 degrees here in Seaford, but will reach 17 in London. And London is where the group are heading, as they catch the train to Victoria Station, from where they will take a walking tour of the sights, including Buckingham Palace, The Mall, Trafalgar Square and Horseguards Parade. Then they will split into two groups, with one group visiting the Globe Theatre for a tour of this recreation of Shakespeare’s workplace. The other group will take a spin on the London Eye, before heading north to Madame Tussaud’s to see a host of celebrities.

Monday 29.04.2019 
The students will catch the school bus this morning, and arrive at Hillcrest possibly feeling a bit nervous as they are about to start their English lessons. As usual, we will begin with a lovely placement test to help us assess the level of the students. All students love the test! 🙂 We will then split the group into three smaller classes so we can get lots of speaking from the group. We expect lots of energy and creativity from our young people, as this will help them improve their English fluency. 🙂
The afternoon programme is spent in Seaford , where the group will undertake the Seaford Discovery Tour, which involves answering questions and navigating the town, as well as trying to gain bonus points by asking local people to do strange things. 🙂
If you’d like to check out the weather here, the best place is the met office, which you can see here.

Sunday 28.04.2019 
Today saw the group take the train across to the city of Brighton , where they spent the day at the seaside. „London-by-the-sea“ as Brighton is known, has lots to see and do. It’s a wonderful place to explore, including the pier, the seafront and the Lanes. The Lanes are the coolest part of the city, and have a lot of quirky shops and places to hang out.
We hope to upload a few images of the Brighton day in the blog.

Saturday 27.04.2019 
We offer the warmest of welcomes to the group of teachers and students from AHS Bruck. They are with us for a week and we hope they have a great time and collect a lot of good memories along the way.
They arrived in Seaford on Saturday evening, after a good journey from Vienna. They were met by some very windy English weather, but they got a warm welcome. Host families were introduced to their students and it was time to start life in England! We hope everyone has a good time with us and enjoys exploring this part of the UK.

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