AG Seckau 07.10. – 15.10.2018 Seaford

Friday 12.10.2018 
Wow, that was quick. The week is coming to an end and the students are in the last of their English lessons. We finish off with a pub quiz, followed by the presentation of certificates and the big prize
After school the group are heading up to London by coach and they are checking in at SoHostel before they start their exciting time in London. The Lion King this evening. This needs no explanation, it’s probably the best musical ever. Highlights Other highlights of the weekend are a lot of sightseeing and a trip to The Globe Theatre, with a real insight into the world of Shakespeare’s London.
We’ve enjoyed having a great time in London. Host families say they have had a good week and that the students have been a pleasure to host.

Thursday 11.10.2018 
Lewes is the destination for the group today, and it’s a charming historic English market town, that’s used to the county town of East Sussex. The students want to see the whole of the city as they head to the castle, which, though, has a fantastic view of the town. You can see the South Downs, the River Ouse and even the prison that hosted Mick Jagger for a night! ?
The main street in Lewes is lovely, and there are lots of nick-nack shops as well as Bill’s -one of the best cafes in England. The local brewery dominates the town center, but students are too young to drink the ale. Maybe they come back to visit when they are older?
After leaving Lewes, Seaford Head, where the group wants to take a gentle stroll to see the Seven Sisters and finish up hopefully – a beautiful sunset over Seaford. The weather forecast is not that visible, but let’s be optimistic!

Wednesday 10.10.2018 
The students continue to study hard today, and they’ve been refreshed by the lovely afternoon in Brighton yesterday. They are outside again today, as they enjoy the beauty of Beachy Head. These cliffs are 160m above the sea, and provide an amazing view of the area. You can see as well as Brighton and Hastings and the sea looks a different shade of blue, green or gray depending on the weather. Today it’s as yesterday – clear and sunny, and around 19 degrees, so warm for the season.
After inspecting the top of the cliffs, the group wants to take a stroll down the promenade in Eastbourne. Cool shops, cafes and a mcd*nalds and starb*cks in case of emergency ?

Tuesday 09.10.2018 
Blue skies and a lovely day ahead as we head into a beautiful October day. It’s seaside weather and Brighton. It’s a city so known as London-by-the-sea and it certainly has the big-city feel. This combined with the beach and the sea, make it quite a special place.
Students always enjoy the pier, with their amusements and roller-coasters, and they like the atmosphere of the North Laine, with a real ‚Camden‘ charm to it. For the lovers of history, the Royal Pavilion is an impressive (and strange) sight. For those seeking a view, the i360 tower gives a real panorama of the coastline, and on a day like today, you could almost see France. ?

Monday 08.10.2018 
School has started to break into two small classes for their lessons. The students have an excellent level of English, so we hope for good things from them in terms of creativity and speaking practice. Ollie and Dean are teaching this week, and it should be a lively week. ?
After lessons, we’re heading across to Seaford , for some sporting action. The main focus is learning how to play the traditional sport of cricket , which we want to teach to the group, as well as playing some football.
If you’d like to check out the weather here, the best place is the met office, which you can see here: https:

Sunday 07.10.2018 
The sea was looking more like late summer than autumn as the group from Seckau arrived in Seaford at around 2.30pm. Host families were introduced to their guests and introduced to life in England.

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