AG Seckau 05.10. – 14.10.2019

Thursday 10.10.2019
We have the sun with us again today, and that’s a welcome sight as it makes it feel more like autumn and less like winter. 🙂 The theme is history today, with the group visiting the lovely historic town of Lewes, where they will visit a museum – Anne of Cleves House – which was part of the divorce settlement from King Henry VIII to his wife, Anne. She was one of the luck ones, she survived his whims!After the museum, the students will have the chance to look around the town, with it’s beautiful Grange Gardens, Harveys Brewery and Bills Cafe, as well as one of the loveliest high streets in this area.

Wednesday 09.10.2019
It’s a beautiful day in England today. If you’d like to keep your eye on our weather, you can see it here. After lunch, the group are heading east as they visit the cliffs at Beachy Head. The 160m high chalk cliffs that dominate the landscape here provide a wonderful panoramic view of the sea and the surrounding area. From the top, it’s almost possible to see Europe. 🙂 After exploring the top, the group will take a gentle walk down to the promenade in Eastbourne, before heading to the pier and the town centre.

Tuesday 08.10.2019
Cricket went well, and everyone joined in. We had some excellent performances, especially by the teachers, who brought their experience and expertise to the fore. 🙂 We did not get any rained on, but it did not stop us playing. 
And so to today, and lessons continue for the students, with one of the topics leading into our afternoon program, which is a trip to Brighton . The city of Brighton is one of the favorite destinations for our students. They all love the mix of liveliness and energy, the seafront and the pier, as well as the cool North Lanes and Churchill Square. Some take in the Royal Pavilion, but mostly from outside, and others just sit back and do some people watching.

Monday 07.10.2019
Lessons have started and we split the group into two classes. Dean and Chloe are teaching this week, and they are hopeful of some excellent work. 
This afternoon we are playing Cricket, which is a little complicated to begin with, but most students understand the basics and can play quite well. The basics are to hit the ball and run! 🙂 We’ll try to add some photos tomorrow.

Sunday 06.10.2019
Today we welcomed the staff and students from AG Seckau who are here for ten days, with part of the trip in Seaford and part in London. It was a little bit windy but otherwise dry and sunny as the coach arrived in Seaford. Host families said their hellos and the students headed to their new homes for an introduction to life in the UK and for some dinner.

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