About Us

The guiding principle of H2 CANDO is to teach, accompany and support motivated people to achieve their goals in the 21st century.

H2 in portrait

Movement and communication: Two elementary needs of human nature – as different as both facets seem at first glance, they are closely linked. Sport and exercise are expressions of joie de vivre, health and vitality. Communication is the means to share this positive experience with others. This is how people have functioned for thousands of years. And yet every human being has to learn movement and communication in his childhood.

Who would know better than Helmut Hirner. After all, he comes from a home where movement and language are part of everyday family life, just like daily bread. Both parents were teachers. The focus of their teaching was on English, Italian and sports. Helmut „Helly“ Hirner not only inherited the enthusiasm for both subjects but lived it personally every day. 

Who is surprised that he started a successful sports career after graduating from high school? The Bundesliga, European Cup and U21 European Championship in beach volleyball were among the most successful stations. At the same time, he completed his studies in „Europe, Languages, Law“. Professionally, his studies culminated in tourism management and business administration. However, the enthusiasm for sports and foreign languages never let go of „Helly“ Hirner. 

What could be more natural than to combine the topics of travel, sport and language professionally and to start your own business according to your priorities? The decision to found H2 was made! 

H2 today

In his company, Helmut Hirner is both a visionary and a motor. The aim and ideal of his work: to infect young people with his enthusiasm for foreign languages and sporting activities! 

Education and health through travel and exercise – the concept remains as simple and as meaningful as ever! With one difference, however, because what began as the founding idea of a single sports enthusiast is now a company universe that operates internationally. 

„Hellys“ vision works! In the meantime, there are thousands of travellers per year who are inspired by the authentic offers on the subject of education and health through travel and activity. Project and language weeks for schools and companies are just as much a part of the programme as beach volleyball camps or language holidays and holiday camps for kids and teens. Helmut Hirner, however, is not enough! In addition to his work at H2, he is also chairman of the ÖVT. Meaningful, authentic tourist offers with the highest security and transparency are therefore guaranteed more than ever.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.